Volunteers play an important role at Candy Cane Corner, helping us sort donations, stock the store, wrap gifts and keep the store running. Volunteering at our holiday store is a great way to get in the spirit of the season and help people in need.

When are volunteers needed?

A volunteer appointment is not required for individuals, but is strongly recommended. An appointment is required for volunteer groups of 5 or more. Volunteer hours at Candy Cane Corner may be earlier or later than regular store hours to allow for restocking & clean-up. 

To sign up for your volunteer shift click here.

What I should know before I volunteer:

All volunteers and volunteer groups must review and sign our Confidentiality Disclosure Form prior to their volunteer shift.
Please print the form and bring the completed copy with you to your shift. Groups do not need each member to fill out the form, but it should be signed by a group leader & reviewed by the group as a whole.

Confidentiality Disclosure Form

Each shift can comfortably fit up to 10 volunteers. Groups of five or more need to schedule a time in advance.

All volunteers and group members should be 16 years old & older.

If there are volunteers under 18 years of age, you must provide a 3:1 adult to youth ratio.

Former clients of the The Road Home or Volunteers of America, Utah are not eligible to volunteer at Candy Cane Corner. Former clients are defined as a person or family member who has received shelter, case management or other agency services within the last two years from any of Candy Cane Corner’s partner agencies.

What volunteers do:

Volunteers perform a variety of services at Candy Cane Corner, including; wrapping gifts, stocking the store, receiving and sorting donations & helping us keep Candy Cane Corner tidy.

For more information about volunteer opportunities at Candy Cane Corner, please contact
Alexis Brown Brotherton at alexis.brotherton@voaut.org or 801-363-9414 Ext. 586