A letter written to a Volunteers of America therapist:

I wanted to write a quick note to you. First I want to thank you for the part you played in assisting Mark in shifting his life. It is people like you that see good in people and give those who may not otherwise get a chance to make positive changes in their lives.

Secondly, thank you so much for giving him the opportunity to include my three children in gift giving this year (Candy Cane Corner). Being a single mom, money is tight. It was fun to see Mark excited to do this too. He enjoyed showing me what he was able to do for me and my kids. His heart and soul was joyful. I thank you for your thoughtfulness towards four people who you have never met.

I wish you the best this Christmas. I pray it is filled with peace and joy. Bless you and your commitment to making this a better place.

You touched a heart.

*VOA client

Volunteers of America Volunteer:

Every year I look forward to volunteering as a store manager at Candy Cane Corner. From helping unload donations to seeing the joy on parent’s faces as they shop for gifts for their family. It’s a place that for a month; it gives hope to people who need it the most during the holiday season. It surprises me every year how much the community comes together to make Candy Cane Corner a success. It truly is a magical place that transforms an empty building to a cheerful and wonderful place to let clients truly pick out meaningful gifts for each member of their family. And that is a priceless moment that I get to be a part of countless times in December.

Katerina Tanuvasa
Volunteers of America, Utah
Donor Engagement Coordinator

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