2012 Store Location Announced

We are delighted to announce that Candy Cane Corner will once again be at 502 West 300 South.

This is the same location we enjoyed so much last year. Donations can be delivered to The Road Home at 210 South Rio Grande St. (455 West) now through December 3, when Candy Cane Corner officially opens.

2012 Wish List
This year, we will again be collecting donations for infants to adults, including clothing, shoes, coats, toys, blankets, diapers and small house hold appliances. Items should be new and unwrapped when delivered. If you are delivering donations to The Road Home, please let staff know your donation is for Candy Cane Corner.

Candy Cane Corner is only possible with the help of our wonderful volunteers. Online sign-ups for individuals and groups will be available October 31st. Please review our volunteer requirements before signing up. While volunteers must be 16 years or older, younger supporters are welcome to visit the store for a tour. For volunteer questions, please contact Kelli McFall at kmcfall@theroadhome.org.

The need for donations and volunteers is greater than ever this year, as all three agencies (The Road Home, YWCA, Salt Lake, and Volunteers of America, Utah) are seeing more families turning to us for help. Thank you for helping us make the season bright through Candy Cane Corner.

Closed Until Next Year

Candy Cane Corner has completed another successful holiday season, all thanks to you!

This year, we were able to help 551 families, including 1,277 children, celebrate the holidays through this wonderful program. Your donations of new, unwrapped clothing, toys and household items stocked the shelves and ensured everyone who benefits from Candy Cane Corner had a beautiful selection of gifts. Hundreds of volunteers who donated their time and skills kept the store running smoothly, making it a pleasant place for everyone who entered.

Thank you to all our donors, supporters and volunteers for a delightful year at Candy Cane Corner. This program simply would not be possible with out you.

We are proud to have completed our 14th year of Candy Cane Corner and look forward to helping more families next year. We hope you’ll check back with us in the coming months for news on next year’s store location, donations and way you can help! We hope your New Year is filled with joy and success!

Thank you,

Candy Cane Corner Staff
*please note that the 502 W. 300 S. location is now closed and may not be the location for next year’s store.

Candy Cane Corner | Salt TV Network

The Road Home’s Candy Cane Corner | Salt TV Network.

The week before Christmas is always filled with hustle & bustle, but there is still time to help families in need celebrate.
Candy Cane Corner will be open through Dec. 23 and will continue to collect donations until closing, 7:00pm, that day. Your donations of clothing, coats, toys & household items will help the families we serve at Candy Cane Corner. So far, over 1,200 people have received assistance at Candy Cane Corner this year. All of them will have a happier holiday because of you!

There is also still time to volunteer or stop by the store for a tour. Many of our volunteer slots are indeed full for this week. While we can’t schedule any additional large groups (5+), if you have an hour or two to help at the store, we would love to have you. If you are a “walk-in” volunteer, please check in with a store manager when you arrive. If you have a large group who would still like to help, we encourage you to bring in donations & ask a store manager for a tour of Candy Cane Corner. We will also need a few volunteers the week after Christmas to pack up the store for next year – watch here for details or contact Becca Dupaix at bdupaix@theroadhome.org for days & times to help.

Thank you to everyone who has donated beautiful gifts this year, this program is only possible because of you.
We wish everyone a very Happy Holiday and hope your days are filled with peace, love and light.


Visit us at the store Monday – Friday 12:00 – 7:00pm or Saturday & Sunday 12:00 – 5:00pm.
This year’s store is located at 502 West 300 South, look for our Candy Cane Corner banner on the building & park anywhere in front.
Donations can be brought directly¬† to the store during regular hours & we’ll continue collecting donations throughout December.

A very warm thank you to everyone who has helped get Candy Cane Corner ready for our families this year. We could not help so many people through this wonderful holiday program with out you!

2011 Candy Cane Corner

As fall settles in around us, we are anxiously preparing for the holiday season, but we need your help. In order to stock Candy Cane Corner with items for parents to choose as gifts for their children, we need a variety of locations long before winter is even close! You can view our 2011 Wish List and help us meet the needs of the families who will benefit from Candy Cane Corner.

Donated items for Candy Cane Corner prior to December 1st can be brought to:
The Road Home  210 Rio Grande St. (455 West)
Monday – Sunday 7:00a.m. – 7:00p.m.

The Road Home will store all donations in advance of Candy Cane Corner opening the first week of December. When you make your donation, please alert The Road Home staff that your gift is for Candy Cane Corner.
*Official Location Announcement Coming Soon!