What is CCC?

Candy Cane Corner is. . .

A holiday store that provides a dignified and empowering opportunity for low-income families and individuals who are participating in programs at the YWCA  Utah, The Road Home, and Volunteers of America, Utah to select new holiday gifts for their families.

Each year Candy Cane Corner ensures that hundreds of families have a warm and full holiday season. We are proud to celebrate our 17th year of helping families in need celebrate the holidays. This wonderful holiday program is only possible because of the support and generosity we receive from our community.

Who benefits from Candy Cane Corner?

Families, individuals, volunteers, and our community!

Candy Cane Corner benefits families and individuals receiving services from the YWCA Utah, The Road Home, or Volunteers of America, Utah by giving them an opportunity to select gifts for the holidays. It also provides a heart warming volunteer opportunity through out December for anyone interested in lending a hand. Most of all, Candy Cane Corner benefits our community as we build strong relationships among our partner agencies, volunteers, supporters and the people we serve.

If you are a client of one of these agencies, please confirm your eligibility for Candy Cane Corner with your case manager.

What does Candy Cane Corner Need?

Gift Items!
We need new items to stock the holiday store. We provide gifts for all ages and sizes, including clothing, shoes, books, toys, and household items.

View our full 2016 Candy Cane Corner Wish List

View our 2016 Top Ten Needs List

Having a facility large enough to accommodate gift items and shoppers is our first need each season. Candy Cane Corner needs at minimum of 10,000 square feet on a ground level and ample parking for volunteers and clients. We prefer to keep the store in the downtown Salt Lake area, to better serve those assisted by our three partner organizations.

We hope to fill our need for space by the end of October each year. If you think you may have a location that would work well for Candy Cane Corner, please contact:
Celeste Eggert
Development Director – The Road Home
801-819-7291 or ceggert@theroadhome.org

When is Candy Cane Corner Open?

Candy Cane Corner opens the first week of December through the Christmas holiday. We are open seven days a week for clients, volunteers and donors.

Store Hours:
Monday-Friday 12:00p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
Saturday and Sunday 12:00p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Candy Cane Corner is not open to the general public to “shop” for gifts. Clients receiving services through our partner agencies should make an appointment with their case manager to visit the store.

We are open to anyone wishing to donate during our regular store hours.

To sign up for volunteer hours, please visit our volunteer page. A volunteer appointment is not required for individuals, but is strongly recommended. An appointment is required for volunteer groups of 5 or more. Volunteer hours at Candy Cane Corner may be earlier or later than regular store hours to allow for restocking & clean-up.

How many does Candy Cane Corner help?

In 2014 Candy Cane Corner helped 369 families celebrate the holidays. 1,785 children were given new clothes and gifts through Candy Cane Corner last year and 786 adults also received needed items.

This year, we anticipate being able to help even more people, but we can’t do it with out your help!

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