What is CCC?

Candy Cane Corner is. . .

A holiday store that provides a dignified and empowering opportunity for low-income families and individuals who are participating in programs at The Road Home and Volunteers of America, Utah to select new holiday gifts for their families.

Each year Candy Cane Corner ensures that hundreds of families have a warm and full holiday season. We are proud to celebrate our 19th year of helping families in need celebrate the holidays. This wonderful holiday program is only possible because of the support and generosity we receive from our community.

Who benefits from Candy Cane Corner?

Families, individuals, volunteers, and our community!

Candy Cane Corner benefits families and individuals receiving services from The Road Home or Volunteers of America, Utah by giving them an opportunity to select gifts for the holidays. It also provides a heartwarming volunteer opportunity throughout December for anyone interested in lending a hand. Most of all, Candy Cane Corner benefits our community as we build strong relationships among our partner agencies, volunteers, supporters and the people we serve.

If you are a client of one of these agencies, please confirm your eligibility for Candy Cane Corner with your case manager.

What does Candy Cane Corner Need?

Gift Items!
We need new items to stock the holiday store. We provide gifts for all ages and sizes, including clothing, shoes, books, toys, and household items.

Cash Donations!
We need money to help fund the program and the associated costs with keeping it running. Any cash donations will be spent directly on Candy Cane Corner 2019. If there are excess funds, these funds will be equally split between the two partner agencies to help fund direct client assistance programming throughout the year.

When is Candy Cane Corner Open?

Candy Cane Corner opens December 1st through December 14th. We are open seven days a week for clients, volunteers and donors.

Candy Cane Corner is not open to the general public to “shop” for gifts. Clients receiving services through our partner agencies should make an appointment with their case manager to visit the store.

We are open to anyone wishing to donate during our regular store hours.

The volunteer signup  page will go live starting November 1st. To sign up for volunteer hours, please visit our volunteer page. A volunteer appointment is not required for individuals, but is strongly recommended. An appointment is required for volunteer groups of 5 or more. Volunteer hours at Candy Cane Corner may be earlier or later than regular store hours to allow for restocking & clean-up.

How many does Candy Cane Corner help?

In 2018 Candy Cane Corner helped 474 families celebrate the holidays. 1,189 children were given new clothes and gifts through Candy Cane Corner last year and 740 adults also received needed items.

This year, we anticipate being able to help even more people, but we can’t do it with out your help!

13 Replies to “What is CCC?”

  1. Hi. I’m just looking for help for my kids this Christmas. I’m a single mom and this year I can’t buy any gifts for them. I am not receiving help from any of the 3 organization you guys cited and just wondering to know what can I do to be able to go to the Candy Cane Corner?
    Thank you,
    Alejandra Lopez

  2. I would like to volunteer at the store. But, looking at the website and FAQs, I haven’t been able to figure out where it is. I live in the Logan area and so the location may have an impact on the times I can volunteer.

    1. Hi Susan!

      We will publicize the exact location as we get closer to the opening day, but it will be in the downtown Salt Lake City area for sure.

  3. My Grandson(20) and I would like to volunteer with this event. However, it looks like all of the slots are full. Does that mean you don’t need anymore help this year? I am a great wrapper of presents and my grandson can lift and carry. Also, I too was waiting to know where is was going to be. Since you have already set up for this, where will it be located? Thanks

    1. Hi Jacque,

      Most of the day-to-day volunteer slots are unfortunately full at this point. There do appear to be open spots on 12-13-17, as well as lots of open spots helping us clean up and move out after Christmas on 12-28-17 and 12-29-17. Unfortunately, due to the size of the building, we do have to limit how many people can be present at once or else it gets too crowded, and we run the risk of not meeting fire code requirements. If you are wanting to volunteer, however, all three of the partner agencies would LOVE to have you and your grandson help out. Please contact any (or all three) of us directly and we can let you know what volunteer opportunities we have available.

      VOA Utah at 810-364-0744 ext. 128, YWCA at 801-537-8601, and the Road Home at volunteer@theroadhome.org.

  4. In that last year both my parents have passed away my uncle my 2 nephews and my husband of 20 years. I am both mom and dad of a 11 year old boy and i have no idea on how to give him a Christmas he deserves after everything that we have been threw this year he has told me all he wants is his daddy back from god to give him back. I don’t know what im going to do or how im going to pull Christmas off for him.

    1. Yevett, I am so sorry to hear this, and I wish you and your son the best. Please reach out directly to one of the partner agencies and we’ll see what services we can provide to make life easier for you. YWCA Utah at 801-537-8600, the Road Home at 801-359-4142, or VOA Utah at 801-363-9414.

  5. Hello! I’m just trying to figure out where I can apply for help for my kid and my niece for Christmas! But I don’t see a link or any where to contact you!

    1. Hi Courtney,

      Typically Candy Cane Corner is reserved for case-managed clients of Volunteers of America, Utah, the YWCA Utah, and the Road Home – if you have a current case manager you can reach out to them directly.

      If you do not, please contact the YWCA at 801-537-8600, the Road Home at 801-359-4142, or VOA at 801-363-9414, depending on your needs.

  6. My family and I would like to deliver items to the Candy Cane Corner. Has a location been determined for this year? Also, we aren’t able to deliver until the morning of the 23rd, is that okay?
    Thanks so much!

    1. Hi Kathryn!

      We do have a location! It is at the old Barnes Bank building on the corner of 400 South and 300 East in Salt Lake City. We are now open weekdays 12pm-7pm and weekends 12pm-5pm, and you can drop off donations any time then. December 23 is the last day we will be open – we would love to have you drop your donations off that day before we close for the season at 5pm. If we are not able to immediately use your donations that day, we will hold onto them and use them for next year’s event.

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